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Massage Services

We offer Individual and Couples’ Massage. Our massages are priced “per person” based on the type and length of massage desired.

We perform all massages "hands-on" for full duration of time booked (e.g., 60 min Massage - "Hands-on" for full 60 min). Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to prepare for your services.

A 50% deposit is required at booking and there is a 24 hour cancellation policy on all massage services to avoid forfeiture of deposit.

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage

45 min/60 min $75/$95

75 min/90 min $110/$125

Enjoy a traditional "Spa" massage that promotes relaxation and overall well being. You may choose firm, medium or mild pressure, depending on your comfort level, This massage will improve circulation and flexibility, as well as ease muscle aches and tension.

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Signature Synergy Stone Massage

$135 (70 min)

* Synergy Stone Massage also perfect for Couples Massage

Hand-crafted Heated Stones work to Soothe, Sculpt, Knead achy muscles into a deeper state of relaxation than ever before.  Experience Hot Stone Relaxation with Therapeutic Custom Pressure "SYNERGIZED" into a Multi-Sensation Massage for Body and Mind.

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Warm Bamboo Massage

$135 (70 min)

A 70 min Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, using heated bamboo to knead & roll muscle tissue.  The heat is therapeutic.  Helps reduce muscle soreness & tension, and increase circulation.  The bamboo helps the therapist work deeper than traditional "hands only" massage.  Can improve sleep quality, and reduce lactic acid buildup & pain.

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Deep Tissue Massage

45 min/60 min $85/105

75 min/90 min $125/$150

Ideal for those who suffer from chronic muscle discomfort.  Firm/Deep pressure is used to relieve tension from tight muscles.  Also referred to as a "sports" or "athletic" massage.

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Prenatal Massage $95 (60 min)

"Mothers-to-be" must be at least 12 weeks or more and free of pregnancy complications to receive massage

A perfect therapeutic treat for Mommy to-be.  This 60 min massage uses cushions and pillows during a full body massage,  with extra focus on the back and hips.   Techniques will be used to reduce ankle swelling as needed.

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Salon@31st Ultimate Relaxation Massage $225

(120 min)

Our Ultimate Relaxation Massage is a decadent service designed to lead the body and mind into a deep state of tranquility and bliss. You will receive a relaxing aromatherapy blend, hot oil herbal scalp massage, foot exfoliation treatment with reflexology, and hot stones will be added to tired and sore areas of your body . Your Massage Therapist will use a firm yet nurturing touch to relieve stress and tension during your massage. 

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Massage Add-On

CBD Oil $15 Add-On

A therapeutic,  targeted pain relief application after working sore spots during massage.

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Hot Stone $25 Add-On

Hot Oil Scalp Massage $35/$25

30 min/15 min Add-On

Warm aromatic oils will be used to relax and relieve the head, scalp, and face. The Therapist will use an ayurvedic technique that is perfect for those who suffer from migraines, neck tightness.

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Cupping $40/$25

30 min/20 min Add-On

Placing, then massaging areas of the body with suction cups.  A non-invasive technique with powerful results. Skin & superficial muscle tissue is drawn into the cups.

- Increases blood flow

- Reduces muscle tension 

- Drains lymph fluids

- Helps improve appearance of cellulite

- Softens tight muscles 

- Brings hydration & blood flow to muscle tissues

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Heat ~Wave Synergy Stone $25 Add-On

Add more to what you want from a Massage... Target Relief!  Your therapist will apply the soothing. Warmth of Hand-crafted Synergy Stones into any Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage.

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Herbal Hair Mask & Eyes Steam Treatment $35

20 min Add-On

It hydrates & absorbs moisture.

It softens & smooths hair.

It promotes healthy hair growth.

It improve scalp health.

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Aromatherapy $15 Add-On

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Theragun $15 Add-On

During the massage with add-on service, the therapist uses a percussive massage therapy tool to treat muscle soreness and relive pain.

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Foot Reflexology $50/$25

30 min/ 15 min Add-On

Reflexology is a natural healing art, based on the principle that the feet and hands have reflexes which correspond to every part of the body. Therapeutic foot massage is included to pamper aches and discomfort.

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Foot Exfoliation Treatment $25

15 min Add-On

Tired feet will adore this as an individual service or as an add-on to any massage session. Your feet will receive a scrub exfoliation, a moisture mask, followed with a deep foot massage with hot stones.

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Gua-Sha for Face $20 Add-On

for Back $50 Add-On

Gua-Sha helps restore, smooth to lift sculpt & tighten the skin also improve circulation & activates Lymphatic drainage, relaxes the nervous system, relieve muscles & joint pain.

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Yin & Yang

100% Natural herb remedy

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and hair Nourishment with a herbal hair wash coupled with nape acupoints, Jade Stone brushing, and massage. Nourishing Head Spa brings stress-relief to your hair and scalp with a unique combination of natural ingredients designed to soothe tension, strengthen strands and promote healthy growth.

Nourishing Head Spa-Shampoo uses special nape acupoints along the base of the neck to provide deep relaxation while washing your hair. This enhances stress relief while stimulating circulation to promote health. The Jade Stone brushing helps relax tight muscles in your scalp and neck while gently detangling strands without breakage. To keep tension at bay, Nourishing Head Spa-Shampoo also includes a gentle press and massage at the earlobe acupoints before you rinse away any remaining shampoo.

These massage techniques and herbal wash, combined effects to enhance health benefits and help relax tensions and stresses of daily life.

Yin combo $170

  • Aromatherapy

  • Scalp opening meridians

  • Wash and facial massage with Gua-Sha acupoints

  • Herbal hair wash and rinse

  • Apply scalp, nape and earlobes acupoints

  • Gua-Sha shoulder and neck massage

  • Herbal eye fatigue treatment

  • Jade Stone brush release tension

  • Detox face mask

  • Neuro muscular release

  • Hydro therapy

  • Herbal detox hair mask and steam treatment

  • Head, neck, shoulders, arms, hand & back massage

  • Basic hair dry

Yang combo $260

  • Aromatherapy

  • Scalp opening meridians

  • Wash and facial massage with Gua-Sha acupoints

  • Herbal hair wash and rinse

  • Apply scalp, nape and earlobe acupoints

  • Gua-Sha shoulder and neck massage

  • Herbal eye fatigue treatment

  • Jade Stone brush release tension

  • Detox face mask

  • Neuro muscular release

  • Hydro therapy

  • Herbal detox hair mask and steam treatment

  • Foot reflexology

  • Full body massage to relax muscles

  • Basic hair dry

What is the effect of Nourishing Head Spa?

Experience a Nourishing Head Spa-Shampoo Spa for only $118. This is our latest and attractive promotion program for customers. If you are interested in this therapy, sign up for a consultation now. Our staff will advise you in detail!

The method of Nourishing hair shampoo is one of the health and beauty care treatments for modern women. This method of head care is highly effective. It helps to improve the problems of stress, fatigue, hair loss and intensive cleansing of the scalp.

Nourishing Head Spa

Introduction Special Offer


Free Herbal Hair Mask & Eyes

Steam Treatment

1. Aromatherapy

2. Scalp opening meridians

3. Facial wash, acupoint and massage

4. Herbal hair wash and rinse

5. Jade Stone brush tension release

6. Neuro muscular release

7. Hydro therapy

8. Head, neck, shoulder and arms massage

9. Herbal conditioner

10. Basic hair dry.


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