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Permanent Make-Up Services

Discover the transformative world of Permanent Makeup, an innovative semi-permanent cosmetic procedure also referred to as micropigmentation. Drawing parallels to the intricate art of tattooing, this technique delicately infuses minute quantities of natural pigments into the skin's dermal layer, granting a subtle yet lasting aesthetic enhancement.


Powder Brows/Shading/Ombre' Brows $600

Nano hair stroke $700


Eyeliner upper lid $250

Eyeliner lower lid $250

Full Eyeliner (upper+lower) $450

Ombre' Eyeliner $500


Full lips/Ombre' $700

Lip liner $400

Permanent Make-Up Touch Up

*Free 1 time touch-up session within 3 months

after 1st procedure

Touch up after 18 month $400

Touch up after 12 month $300

Touch up after 6 month $200


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