We're appreciate your business our Membership offer 20% off for all Base Services.

  • Your fee is your credit to use

  • First service each month at regular price (using $55 membership credit)

  • 20% discount on second and all other *Base Services throughout the month

  • 15% off all professional products

  • Can not combine with other discounts, some promotions may apply

*Discount does not apply to Add-on services

Frequently asked question

How does the Membership work?

You pay $55 each month. This amount is saved as a credit in your payment account and applied to services you received during the month.

How is the $55 credit applied?

The $55 credit is applied to your first service received each month. Your first service must be $55 minimum.

What discount do I receive for other visits that month?

Each Base Service you receive that month, after the first service, will be discounted 20%. Discount does not apply to Add-on services.

Can services be upgraded?

Yes, service upgrades are available. You pay the difference at check out. Upgrades are not discounted.

Does my credit rollover (accumulate) each month?

Yes.  Any credit not used each month, in addition to the new credit charged each month, accumulates to a total credit balance.

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If my credit balance accumulates, how do I use that credit balance?

Regardless of credit balance, the first $55 must be applied to the first service of the month (at regular price).  Remaining balance may be used by itself, in combination with any other payment method, or not at all.

Can my credit be used to purchase products?

Yes.  Credit may be used to purchase products after the first service. In addition, any products you purchase are discounted 15%.

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Does the Membership take effect immediately or is there a waiting period?

Membership takes effect immediately as of the date joined.  Also, if a client joins Membership upon check-out, Membership policies apply to services and products received that day.

Is there a minimum period for membership?  What is the cancellation policy?

You will enjoy membership benefits for a minimum of three consecutive months.  You may cancel anytime thereafter.  Upon cancellation, any credit will remain in your account for future use, however membership discounts will no longer apply. Members can rejoin anytime.

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Can I use vouchers as a membership client?

You may use vouchers the same way as non-members. Vouchers may be used for any service or product greater than $75 (pre-discounted price).  Only one voucher may be used per visit.

Can I use $55 credit towards products if I don't want services?

No. The $55 credit can only be applied to the first service.

Will members also get points?

No. Points are given for the Loyalty Program, which cannot be earned in the Membership program. However upon joining Membership, Loyalty point balances are automatically added to Membership credit.

Can Military discount be applied in addition to Membership discounts?

No. Military discount cannot be combined with Membership discounts.

Can Membership discount be combined with special items or promotions (i.e., holiday sets, clearance items)?

No.  Membership discounts may not be combined with special items or promotions, however the greater of the discounts will be applied for Members.

If a Member doesn’t come to the salon each month, does that change how the $55 credit, or discounts apply?

Even if a Member skips a month, or several months, the $55 credit applies only to the first service for the month they return.  Member discounts apply to all other services and products received for that month.


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100 Points = $5 to Redeem

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